JcpSloppy - A Photoshop Sloppy Border Script for Photoshop CS6

The photoshop JcpSloppy script comes with 32 high quality borders (16 border files with 2 variations each) and you can add your own borders. Here is what you can do to any picture with just a few keystrokes.

Without A Border

With A Border

sloppy border

Works on Windows and Mac versions of Photoshop!

Works on Photoshop CS6

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Easily add your own borders

32 High Resolution Borders Included


Sloppy Border Testimonial
"We just installed JcpSloppy, and I have to say, I am hooked! It is so easy, fun, and FAST to use, that it will be hard not to overuse it, especially because the styles match our shooting style so well."-- Dave Camara Camara Photography


Adding sloppy borders to your photos have never been easier. Just start the script, click on the border you want, click apply, and if you like what you see then click ok and poof -- you have a sloppy border around your photograph. This script works on both the windows version and the mac version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 bit). You must have photoshop CS6 (64 bit) for this script to work. It will not work on any other version of Photoshop and does not work on Photoshop Elements.

Usage Demo

Here is a short movie to show you how easy it is to apply a border to your picture. Click on the image to play the movie.


JcpSloppy only works on PhotoShop CS6

Windows Version for Photoshop CS6 64 Bit

Mac Version for Photoshop CS6

Running the Interactive Script JcpSloppy

First open an image that you want to add a border around. Once the image is opened and is the active image, in Photoshop click File->Scripts->JcpSloppy and you should see the sloppy menu come up:

Click on the border you want and it will be applied to your image. If you don't like that border, select another one and click apply. When you are happy with the border, click OK to really apply it to the image. If you click cancel, no border will be applied. If you click the invert colors checkbox the black and white in the border will be switched to produce a new border. Optionally you can rotate your border, set the maximum width and height of your final image if you want to resize it to a smaller value (it defaults to the current size), and finally you can expand the canvas a by a number of pixels. This expansion occurs after the resize operation occurs.

Sloppy Border Plus Examples

There are 32 high quality borders included and you can easily add your own borders and templates. Here are sample images.

Grunge Borders
3Grunge Border
4Photoshop Sloppy Border
5Grunge Image Frame
Grunge Borders
Art Borders
Borders by Andrea Rascaglia

How to add a new border

It is pretty simple to add a border. The 1st thing you do is you need to build a border template psd file using photoshop. It can be any size, but we recommend on of at least 1000 pixels. The format of this file is simple. Just create a psd file with a border and an empty (transparent) middle where the image will appear. Here is a sample:

Save the .psd file. Next bring up JcpSloppy and click the add border button and select your border. That is all there is to it. From there try it on some images and see if it works ok.

The script tries to figure out where the image should be placed and does a great job most of the time. If it doesn't on the border you just created, edit your border .psd file and add a layer called photo on it. This layers should contain a filled box on it where you want your images to be placed. Here is an example of a photo layer. Save the two layer .psd file and add it again to the script and see if that fixes your problem.

HDR Background Images

We also offer an amazing set of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Backgrounds. Sample HDR background images are located at HDR Background Images and HDR Image Backgrounds.

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